Environmentally friendly

Les produits connexes

In his significance to minimize waste during the production, the company get produits connexes back which are remove from the log since the beginning until the end of the production process.




Indeed, when the log was choose by the driver of chariot de tronçonnage, he passed it into the peeler. Then, barks are directly recover into trailers in the way to be transported toward collective boiler room.





Ships are recovering when the slabber remove the first board of the log that’s will not be used. This part is crushed and is presented as ship. It fall directly into trucks’ trailers of our principal customer who is coming everyday to collect. The quantity of ship is important, so we stock excess of production flying to other clients.






Sawdust is stocking outside the Sawmill into silo and we sale it to particle board manufacturer destinate to furniture and wood pellet producer.





Sawmill Feillet be part of a producer association (Biocombustibles) which commercialize his products, especially to wood boiler room installed in hospitals, High School, swimming pool, administrative building…

We would like to get close to environmental appearance because produits connexes wood are recycled in the way to be used again.



Support to different certification label


Firstly, for a question of forests durability in France, the Swamill support the PEFC label (Plan European Forest Certification). This certification was create in 1999 and aim to promote sustainable management of forests. When we buying a forest certified PEFC, we have the guarantee that as soon as trees will be felled, other will be systematically replanted. That allow forest to always renew.

Moreover, management plan are organized by experts because forests composed by lobed-leaved tree as oak, beech, ash need to have at least about thirty years before can be exploit again.

For furter information, click on this follow link : https://www.pefc-france.org/





Sawmill Feillet support the label APECF (Association for the Employement of Oak and Lobed-leaved tree) too.

This label aim to preserve french forests from an excessive sale of oak logs and lobed leaved tree to country outside European Union.

Indeed, a few years ago, France was confronted with massive shipments of logs to country like China. But, the fact to sale raw material directly to other country decrease the transformation of wood in France, so favour the decline of job. The National Federation of Wood intervene restrict this excessive sale.

Company have to join more and more the label APECF. When they begin, they sell buying logs only inside countries of European Union. Then, byer must transform wood into the European Union before resell it.

For furter information, click on this follow link : https://label-apecf-80.webself.net/presentation